Follow Up: Observation Always Involves Theory

So I was reading in Genesis 1:1 last night out of my NLT and I noticed an asterisk, which means there is a note for the verse at the bottom. This is what I found…

1:1 or In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth.

If you don’t know the significance of this statement, read the bottom section of the blog: Follow Up: Observation Always Involves Theory Part 1: The Gap Theory

I am going to attempt to do some research into the Hebrew and Greek to see where they get this variation…I will probably write another blog from my findings…stay tuned.


One thought on “Follow Up: Observation Always Involves Theory

  1. I am sure waiting. I use the NLT application study Bible. I saw that too but I do not think it is meant to replace what is already known. NLT sometimes tries to show ALL the possible translations that may appear in other Bible versions. The use of that word *WHEN* may imply that there was a time before the beginning. I guess you know the time of the spiritual or heaven is different from time as we know it. I am saying this based on how a day to God is like a thousand years to us….

    Looking forward to your insight


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